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English gardens as an example

As big fans of the British Isles, we try to incorporate the principles of English gardens into how we create this garden. These include, for example: visual axes, garden rooms, water basins, borders planted increasing in height from front to back in which the perennials harmonize in colour. Some evergreen plants add interest in winter. In addition, only natural materials are used for the design.

The English garden style (more precisely the Arts and Crafts garden style) calls for the house and the surrounding garden to form a whole. Therefore we devised a formal layout – the herb garden – right next to the house. The second level further away from the house contains more lush plantings which lead to an even “wilder” woodland area, at the bottom of the garden.

We aim to keep a balance between rather formal elements such as hedges or straight paths with the effusive planting that loosens them up.

Throughout the garden a few pieces of art and some small quirky objects blend naturally into the design, not taking away attention from the planting. Often you`ll only discover them at second glance.