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What is a naturalistic garden?

Hummel auf Peonie

Native plant species that are robust and easy to care for are used in our garden. We try to grow a variety of long-flowering plants, extending the season in which something is in bloom possibly throughout the whole year, serving as food for pollinators.

Some plants self-sow throughout the garden, causing its appearance to change from year to year. This change is very welcome.

Shrubs and perennials are grown in an environment that they actually prefer which will let them thrive healthily, minimising the need of watering and fertilising. We favour perennials with unfilled flowers, as these can supply a food resource for insects.

When the plants are grown according to their needs they will cover the ground rapidly, thus reducing the number of weeds. We cut back the perennials in early spring to allow insects to overwinter in stems and under leaves.

In the garden design, only natural building materials – rocks, wood, bricks – are used. As a more sustainable attitude the nursery where we buy our perennials takes back plastic plant pots and reuses them.